Do you really want to go full stealth mode? Camouflage yourself with camo sticks or camouflage your replica with camouflage bandage.

If you want to camouflage yourself as well as possible so that you can't be seen when playing in the woods, you can't avoid camouflage facial paint.

With this paint you can put a super camouflage pattern on your face and make yourself as invisible as possible. This paint is easy to remove from the face using the Face Wipes of for example the brand 101inc.

Also your replica can be camouflaged by for example using stretch bandages with camouflage patterns. This bandage does not need to be stuck because they are self-adhesive.

Fosco Stretch Bandage
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Bushcraft Camo Stick 2 kleuren (Klein)
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Bushcraft Camo Stick 2 colors (Large)
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