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Not everyone needs a machete, but if you do, you need it for a reason. The Gator Kukri’s distinctive shape—pointed tip, wide midsection, narrow neck near the handle—comes from centuries of use as a multi-purpose tool that could double as protection.
Consisting of twelve tools accessed in outboard mode, the professional grade Flik multi-tool is something every adventurer dreams of. It’s part of a series of one-handed opening Gerber multi-tools used by the US military.
The Gerber Tactical Downrange Tomahawk is a marvel of simplicity and efficiency in service of solving serious problems.
After introducing the successful Hinderer Rescue, the new CLS (Combat Life Saver) model with non-reflective black finish for tactical applications enters the market.
A survival kit built for hostile environments, consists of 16 separate pieces. Stick the Ultimate Kit in your backpack and hope your never have to use it. If you do, it has everything you need to survive in even the toughest spots. The overall weight...
This multi-tool was designed for survival in the most extreme conditions. It is sheathed in a locking carrying case that attaches to a belt or backpack strap, it includes a 12 component multi-tool, flashlight and fire starter rod.
There are a few non-negotiable items that every outdoor adventurer must have. The Bear Grylls Scout Essentials Kit is one of them.
The Myth Folding Saw was developed by professional hunters and guides and is a product for use in the field during and after a successful hunt. With slim profiles and lightweight, durable designs, the Myth line sets a new standard for hunting knives ...
The Gator Bolo Machete was designed to withstand serious cutting and make short work of everything from tall grass to small tree limbs, the stout, burly blade has a distinctive bulge near the front for added power in the swing.
Rugged construction, spring loaded pliers, external locking tools and an extra grippy handle make this tool earn its name: the Ultimate Multi-tool. It consists of 12 stainless steel, weather-resistand components.
Bear Grylls is calling the Compact Compass an invaluable tool.
The Folding Spade Serrated has a folding digging tool built for the job site and out in the field and a serrated blade edge for chopping and sawing roots.
The Gerber Camp Axe II is a durable, high-performance axe, with a head forged out of steel that will maintain its edge over time.
Axes have been around for ages and even the award-winning axes from Gerber are hardly new, but the Gator Axe still is a powerful breakthrough.
This compact Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet is worth its weight, especially under bad weather conditions you’ll appreciate this sturdy little hatchet’s ability to turn out stacks of firewood or help you improvise a quick shelter.
The Gator Machete has a 38 cm fine-edge blade on one side and an 45,7 cm high performance saw blade on the other and is forged of high-carbon stainless steel.
The Bear Grylls Compact Parang Machete was modeled after an Indonesian tribes tool and is a shoulder-friendly alternative to the standard, full-size machete.
The Bear Grylls Fire Starter is small, compact and offers years of use. Watertight construction keeps tinder safe and dry. This tool has been tested to determine that it will provide a spark for 8000+ strikes.
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